Natalie S. Berman, EdD

This note is for Mr. Hayman, CEO of Reva. My husband, Malcolm Berman, took ill on our ship (Norwegian Dawn) early on the morning of the 18th of December. The ship’s doctor determined that it was best for him to leave the ship at our first port in Honduras, and we were transported to the hospital on Roatan. Your personnel came for him and me later that evening and from the moment we met them, I knew that we were in the hands of professionals.

My husband was sedated so he had no knowledge of what was happening, but I observed what transpired and was assured that we would be well taken care of.

The pilots, Mr. Madge and Mr. Henn, were so courteous to me and took care of all of the details of passports, carry on luggage, safety requirements, etc.

The nurses, Ali (PM) and Suzi (RN), were the most competent individuals I have ever met in a medical situation. My husband is a retired hospital administrator, I have done medical research as a professor, and was a caregiver for my parents and in-laws for thirteen years. We do have personal knowledge of what good medicine should be and my husband was taken care of so beautifully, with care and concern. Everyone was also worried about me, but I was just fine. I have traveled across the world and tend to take things in stride. Suzi and Ali stayed in the ER at Broward General for a long while to make certain that the personnel there had all of my husband’s information.

They even worried that I was in a “strange place” away from home. I assured them that we had cousins nearby and a best friend who is a doctor there, and who later conferred with my husband’s doctor at the hospital. So, even though our vacation was cut short, we now have an amazing story to tell and feel that we made such beautiful friends with the personnel from Reva. Thank you for commanding such a wonderful organization. We were blessed to be with your employees that evening.


Natalie S. Berman, EdD